Social Committee

We are most fortunate in Wanstead to have a great diversity of people and talents in our Parish. For many years, the great cry from all sides was the need to have a Parish Centre to enable people to meet socially together and to lay the foundation to build a strong, active and growing community. Now our dreams have come true and we are indeed blessed to have such a fabulous facility a few steps from the Church with the opening of our Pastoral Centre. Now we must get to work ensuring that we do build that strong community and meet socially. Of course in a large parish, that does require a lot of volunteers. It is often said that if many would do a little, then nobody would be overburdened.

The Social and Fundraising Group meet regularly in the Pastoral Centre to plan, discuss or prepare for forthcoming social events. The group is open to all parishioners, and it is not compulsory to help at every event. The group usually draws up a ‘Calendar of Events’ for the year so that there are social events taking place each month and these are always advertised in the newsletter and by posters on the notice boards. This provides a lot of variety for the Parish, but at the same time allows space and flexibility for other Parish groups to host fundraising events. We always need new people and new ideas to help us. Remember, everyone can be involved and there is no special skill apart from a willingness to work together to build a supportive and friendly Parish. If you can help please contact the the Parish Office 020 8989 2074

or email

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