The Knights of St Columba are the largest order for Catholic Laymen in the UK.

The order pursues a range of activities including organising events for young people and supporting organisations, which promote virtue, respect for human life and the welfare of the family. In Brentwood we deliver The Brentwood News, and the Diocesan Directory brought to each Parish by the KSC, likewise the Christmas and Easter Posters. We assist in the organising of Pilgrimages to Aylesford, Bradwell, Walsingham and Lourdes. Also many of our Knights support the Brentwood Children Society.

The Knights support various charities on a local area such as local hospices’ and at national level who provide support to those less fortunate than ourselves – some of our recent things we supported was Wells for Africa which provided water for those who had none, something we all take for granted! It was the Knights that were at the forefront to bring back the Diocesan Youth day at Aylesford with the Brentwood Youth Service and we also support young people to go to the World Youth days and we will again do so for the next one in Spain, as we know the youth of our faith are the future!

The order also works to help with social problems, such as unemployment and poverty. During his visit to the United Kingdom Pope Benedict appealed to the laity to assist in the mission of the Church by becoming more involved in the work of the parishes and our communities.

Membership of the Knights of St Columba provides the opportunity to respond to the Holy Father’s appeal, because the Knights serve Christ by serving others.

For further information on the Knights within the parish, please contact Andrew Burns via the parish office

The Knight’s in Brentwood have a Facebook site – just search “KSC Province 10 Brentwood

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