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YOUTH NEWS. Follow the insta/twitter @ololwyouth. All altar servers are invited to our train and treat session on Saturday 10 December from 2-4.30pm, look forward to seeing you there! Summer Lourdes 2017 forms are out now. If you are in Year 10 or above visit for an application form, the spaces fill up extremely quickly so get your forms in soon. Looking for any young person to help out with Readings for the Christmas Carol service on the 18 December.

All year 7 + welcome to the next Secondary RE session on 6 December.

We had our final youth club of the year on Friday and the next one will be in the new year on January 6. If you need to speak to me regarding any of this please come and see me at the end of mass or get in contact via email, whatsapp, text. God bless – Jordan


Autumn Final meeting 09/12 16 DISCO

For more information, visit our youth club website


Children in Year 4 of Primary School, who have received First Holy Communion, are eligible to begin training as Altar Servers. The first session will take place on Monday 31 October from 5-6pm in the Church. There will be 6/7 training sessions and enrolment will take place on Boxing Day – Feast of St Stephen, Patron of Altar Servers – 26 December at 10am. Parents do remember that to attend the training sessions is a commitment for your child, as is serving at Mass. Explain this to your child before the start of the training.