First Holy Communion & First Reconciliation



First Reconciliation (Purple Book)

2018                Start               Closing Prayers

06 Oct             09:50am   –      11:45am          God gives you Joy

11 Oct             7:30pm    –      8:30pm           Parents MeetingPraying with your Children                                                                                                              

03 Nov            09:50am   –      11:45am          God gives you Peace

17 Nov            09:50am   –      11:45am          God gives you Reconciliation

22 Nov            7:30pm    –      8:30pm           Parents MeetingReconciliation

1st Dec  & 8th Dec           11.00am`        First Reconciliation – Children and Parents

First Holy Communion  (Yellow Book)

2019                Start               Closing Prayers

12 Jan              09:50am    –     11:45am          We Walk with Jesus

17 Jan              7:30pm           8:30pm            Parents MeetingFHC Group Dates, Party arrangements

02 Feb             09:50am     –    11:45am          We Learn about the Mass

16 Feb             09:50am     –    11:45am          We Share God’s Word

07 Mar            7:30pm      –   8:30pm            Parents MeetingMass   

09 Mar             09:50am     –    11:45am          We Give Thanks

23 Mar             09:50am     –    11:45am          We Remember and Celebrate

 13 Apr             09:50am     –    11:45am          We Share the Bread of Life

First Holy Communion Rehearsal Date (in the Church)

Wednesday, 1st May, 2019 @ 6pm.

First Holy Communion Dates 2019

Saturday 4 May at 11am;

Saturday 11 May at 11am

18 May           10.30am                                  In The Church

Going Forth Session/Closing Prayers &Presentation of Certificates by Fr. Pat followed by
Party in the Pastoral Hall at (12:30 – 3:30pm)