First Holy Communion & Reconciliation

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION PREPARATION 2018 – Parents of children in Year 3 of primary school are invited to a meeting on Friday 14 July at 8pm in the Pastoral Centre. Information on the programme will be given, and application forms for entry in the preparation programme completed. It is essential for parents to attend this meeting.



Enrolment Meeting Friday 14th July 2017 at 8pm in Pastoral Centre


2017                Start                Closing Prayers
16 Sept            9:30am             11:45am          God gives you Life

17 Sept           1.30pm          –      2.30pm                 Mass of Enrolment  

23 Sept            10:15am   –      11:45am          God gives you Love
07 Oct             10:15am   –      11:45am          God gives you Joy
12 Oct             7:30pm   –     8:30pm            Parents Meeting – Praying with your Children                                                                                                             (Jo Dorkings, St. Angela’s)  

4 Nov              10:15am   –      11:45am          God gives you Peace
18 Nov            10:15am   –      11:45am          God gives you Reconciliation

 23 Nov          7:30pm   –     8:30pm          Parents Meeting – Reconciliation (Speaker TBC)
2  Dec             10.00am`         First Reconciliation – Children and Parents

16 Dec             16:30pm         First Reconciliation – Children and Parents
First Holy Communion (Yellow Book)

2018                Start                Closing Prayers

13  Jan              10:15am   –     11:45am          We Walk with Jesus
18 Jan              7:30pm           8:30pm            Parents Meeting – FHC Group Dates, Party arrangements

03 February    10:15am     –    11:45am          We Learn about the Mass

3 March             10:15am     –    11:45am          We Share God’s Word

8 March             7:30pm     –    8:30pm            Parents Meeting – Holy Mass (Paul Millen)

10 March           10: 15am     –    11:45am          We Give Thanks

21 April               10:15am     –    11:45am          We Remember and Celebrate

28 April               10:15am     –    11:45am          We Share the Bread of Life

First Holy Communion Rehearsal Date (in the Church)

Wednesday 2 May 2018 at 6pm

First Holy Communion Dates

Saturday 5 May at; Sun.6 May at 2pm; Sat. 12 May at 11am

2 June                10.15am                                  Going Forth Session

03 June           1.30pm                                  Going Forth Mass followed by Party